Lauren Olivia Serpico


Once Upon a Time...

In August of 1991, a girl was born in Brooklyn, NY. There's something to be said about the era in which a person is born. It can truly dictate the course of the rest of his or her life. As a child of the early 90's, Lauren still had to rewind her cassette tapes, and wait for her favorite cartoon (which was Rugrats) to come on TV. Slowly but surely, the world turned more and more digital. Until one day, technology boomed.

The Myspace Days

Lauren was just old enough when AOL made its debut into her living room computer. She was the only one in her 6th grade class with a website to display all of her pixel dolls (remember these?!), and was the one her friends would turn to for a "pimped out" MySpace layout. She developed a proficiency in HTML before she even understood how important of a skill this was. 

the post-myspace days


She is woman, hear her roar.

Lauren personifies the spirit of a lady boss. At age 21, she graduated from Sacred Heart University with her Master's degree in Community Psychology. This is where she realized the importance of developing a scientific understanding of the community of online social networks. She is currently a Ph.D candidate at Capella University, focusing her dissertation research on personality and social media mindfulness. 


A true digital native...

Lauren learned fresh out of college how to embrace a digital lifestyle. With her laptop as her office, she has been able to travel far and wide. Some of her favorite cities include Omaha, Encinitas, Cape Town, and Copenhagen. Traveling has taught her to push way beyond the boundaries of her comfort zone, especially when traveling solo! Visiting a new city ignites her spirit, and has allowed her to feel at home all over the world. 


She can't sit still for long!

While the digital lifestyle has given Lauren much flexibility, it also requires long hours of sitting in front of a computer screen! To balance out this sedentary style, Lauren has found solace in the gym. She is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a certified badass through her workouts. Lauren prides herself on her cheery demeanor, inspiring others to actualize their full potential.