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What is Out There Social?

If you've stepped foot outside of your comfort zone, you experienced the very feeling that sparked the creation of Out There Social.

It is now possible to exist in two ways. We are here, in the flesh, fingers typing on the keyboard, eyeballs scrolling through our screens, hearts pumping blood through our bodies. We're also here through our status updates, Boomerangs, Instagram stories, and Bitmojis on our Snapchat maps. 

We're experiencing a cultural shift where it is possible to broadcast our lives to the entire world by tapping a piece of glass. Each of us live our own reality, and hold the power to share our perspective instantaneously. 

We were given this tool of the internet, but never a guide that says, "here's how to navigate through this infinite web of connected resources!" 

That is until now, of course. 

Our Mission...

We're here to teach others how to build a mindful connection between the self and the digital world. 

Our vision is to help you develop a deeper relationship to your online voice, allowing it to grow stronger. Through the understanding and practice of mindfulness and how it can be applied to your digital networking habits, you will be able to chart your own course within the world wide web.

The Mind Your Media series of digital workbooks will be released in the late Fall of 2018. 

Who Started It?

Once upon a dial up tone, a digital native was born.

Lauren created Out There Social in 2014 as a blog to document her first solo, cross country adventure. But, her journey into the digital world had begun long before that. She's been building online homes for her thoughts and ideas since the days that you couldn't use the internet and the microwave at the same time. She is a current Psychology Ph.D Candidate, conducting her dissertation research on personality and social media mindfulness. 

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