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How does it work?

Mind | Week One will focus on your mindset. This is the week where you will set your goal, and develop a plan on how to tackle it.

  • VIP Goal Diggers will have their first 1-1 check in with coach Lauren, who will guide them along the process.

Body | Week Two gets physical, where we will focus on the movements that will help us reach our goal.

  • Goal Games will begin on Week Two, and will be measured by activity on fitness trackers and/or MyFitnessPal (the free version!) 

Soul | Week Three builds on the mind/body connection by bringing our attention to our enthusiasm.

  • Goal Games for Week Three will be measured by a free wellness day planning app, Owaves!

Goal | Week Four is when we bring it all home, observing our successes and challenges during our process. 

  • Points from each goal game will be calculated to reward the grand prize winner with a cash prize! (Amount TBD based upon participation)

Let's crush some goals...

I'm ready to rumble.