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We're here to help you connect your inner world with the outer one.

About us

Who are you?

You're social media curious, seeking guidance in navigating your corner of the world wide web.

Who are we?

We're social media cartographers, guiding your awareness to the psychology of digital interaction.

How can I?

Mind Your Media is our series of interactive workbooks designed to help you understand your online voice.

Coming Fall 2018

Mind Your Media

Our voices can travel the world in an instant,

as our thoughts fire from billions of neural pathways to billions of digital ones. 

If we train ourselves to pay attention,

we can recognize the most efficient routes to take in both our inner and outer world, allowing for our energy to be dedicated to strengthening our best practices.

Mind Your Media is a digital workbook

designed to help you foster and practice the skills of media mindfulness, allowing you to become an influential contributor to the global network of your personal niche.

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